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ppt " "Section Ⅲ Learning about Language & Using Language" "Read the passage on P30 and tell the following statements true (T) or false (F)." "1.The three judges agreed that it was the best speech this year except two.(  ) 2. You are invited to give a speech in a new park on June 28.(  ) 3.Your family and friends are wele on the special day.(  ) 答案: 1.F 2.T 3.T " "congratulation n.祝贺;(复数)贺词 ①(教材原句P30)Congratulations!We are pleased to tell you that you have won the high school speaking petition about new Tangshan.恭喜你!我们很高兴地告诉你,你已经赢得了以新唐山为主题的高中组演讲比赛。" "②—I’ve just got a pass in the examination. 我刚刚通过了考试。 —Congratulations!祝贺你! ③I offer my congratulations on her success. 我对她的成功表示祝贺。" "[拓展延伸] congratulate v.祝贺,其常见结构为: congratulate sb.on sth./doing sth.为某事祝贺某 人 ④I congratulate you on your success. 我祝贺你成功。 ⑤Let’s go and congratulate him on being accepted by Tsinghua University.他被清华大学录取了,我们去祝贺他吧。" "1.—I have some big news for you.You’ve been accepted as a member of our club. —________That’s great! A.Have I?     B.Pardon? C.Congratulations! D.Good idea!" "解析: 句意为:——我有重大消息告诉你。你被接受为我们俱乐部的成员了。——是吗?那太好了!Have I是“Have I been accepted as a member of your club”的省略形式。 答案: A" "2.The two sportsmen congratulated each other________winning the match by shaking hands. A.with B.on C.in D.to 解析: congratulate sb.on sth./doing sth.为固定搭配,表示“就某事向某人表示祝贺”。 答案: B" "judge (1)n.裁判员;法官 ①(教材原句P30)Your speech was heard by a group of five judges,all of whom agreed that it was the best on this year.评委会的五位评委听了你的演讲,他们一致认为那是今年最好的演讲。" "②It’s difficult to judge how long the journey will take. 很难估计这次旅行要花多长 时间。 ③Teachers are often judged by their students’ exam grades. 人们常以学生的考试分数来评判老师。 ④Judging from/by what he said,the news is terrible.从他说的判断,这消息是可怕的。" "3.People around me were obviously enjoying their day out at the match,________by their happy faces and the sense of excitement. A.considering B.observing C.judging D.inferring" "解析: judge by...“依据……判断”。句意为:依据他们高兴的面孔和激动的情绪可判断出我周围的人都喜欢出来看这场比赛。 答案: C" "honour (1)vt.尊敬;尊重;给予(某人)荣誉 ①(教材原句P30)Next month the city will open a new park to honour those who died in the terrible disaster.下个月这城市将开放一个新公园,以纪念在那次可怕的灾难中死去的人。" "②He was honoured for what he had done. 他因他所做的事而获得了荣誉。 ③Students should honour their teachers. 学生们应尊敬自己的老师。" "(2)n.尊敬;尊重;荣誉 ④One must show honour to one’s parents. 一个人对父母必须尊敬。 ⑤She is an honour to our school. 她是我们学校的光荣。" "[拓展延伸] do honour to...向……表示敬意;给……带来荣誉 in honour of为向……表示敬意;为纪念…… have the honour to do/doing sth.荣幸地做某事 " "4.It is________honour to hear you speak so highly of me. A./ B.an C.the D.a 解析: 句中honour是名词,it为形式主语,真正的主语为to hear...不定式短语,由此可知honour表示一件让人感到光荣的事;又因honour以元音音素开头,故应用不定冠词an。 答案: B" "express (1)v.表达,表示 ①(教材原句P30)I would like to express my thanks to...who... 我想向那些……表示感谢。 ②Young children often have difficulty expressing themselves. 幼儿常常很难清楚地表达自己。" "(2)n.快车(可数名词);速递(不可数名词) ③I caught the 10∶00 express to Guangzhou. 我坐的是10点开往广州的快车。 巧学助记 He expressed his wish that he would go there on an express train. 他表达了他想坐特快列车去那儿的愿望。" "5.You should know how to municate with others.First learning to________yourself well is very important. A.express B.find C.introduce D.recognize" "解析: 考查动词。由句意知:你应该知道如何和别人交流,首先学着表达清楚自己的意思是非常重要的。express oneself表达自己。 答案: A" "be proud of 为……而自豪 ①(教材原句P30)Your parents and your school should be very proud of you! 你的父母和你的学校应该为你而感到骄傲! ②We are proud of being Chinese. 我们作为中华儿女感到自豪。" "6.—The atheletes won 51 gold medals in the 29th Olympic Games. —We are all________their success in the Olympic Games. A.pride in B.pride of C.proud in D.proud of 解析: take pride in=be proud of以……而自豪。 答案: D" "As you know,this is the day the quake happened... 据你所知,……这是那场地震发生的日子。 as引导非限制性定语从句,as代替主句内容,在从句中作主语或宾语。" "①As you can see,the stamp shows the new city. 你可以看到,这枚邮票展示了这座新城市。 ②As is known to all,the earth travels around the sun. 众所周知,地球绕着太阳转。" "7.________is reported in the newspaper,talks between the two countries are making progress. A.It B.As C.That D.What" "解析: as引导非限制性定语从句且在从句中作主语,as代表主句内容;若选A项,应把句中的“,”改为that,即使得整个句型变成了it 作形式主语,that 引导主语从句,正是因为该题中用了逗号,就只能将逗号前面的结构看成as引导的非限制性定语从句。 答案: B" "Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.He________(使惊吓) me when he drives so fast. 答案: frightens" "2.________(判断) from what he said,he must be an honest man. 答案: Judging 3.Eating too much meat one time will cause________(损害) to your stomach. 答案:  damage" "4.I________ (真诚地) hope that you will win. 答案:  sincerely 5.World War Ⅱ is one of the most important________(事件) in the history of mankind. 答案:  events 6.Learning to________(表达) oneself well is an important part of education. 答案:  express" "Ⅱ.选词填空 at an end,thousands of,be proud of,one third,fall down,right away,in ruins,instead of,be filled wit 1.In the earthquake________people became homeless. 答案:   thousands of" "2.Not all the students like this idea.In fact________of them are against it. 答案:  one third 3.________going home after school he went to the cinema. 答案:  Instead of" "4.He returned to his country after the war was________. 答案:  at an end 5.Don’t worry!You’ll get the ticket________. 答案:  right away" "6.He________his beautiful hometown. 答案:  is proud of 7.After the flood many houses in the village________. 答案:  fell down 8.At the good news he________joy. 答案:  was filled with" "Ⅲ.完成句子 1.It’s________ ________ ________(很荣幸) to be invited to speak at the meeting. 答案:  a great honour 2.Peter took the first place in the exam and his father________ ________ ________(为……感到骄傲) him. 答案:  took pride in/was proud of" "3.I am________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(太忙而不能和你一起去). 答案:  too busy to go with you 4.He________ ________ ________(评价不高) the film. 答案:  thought little of" "5.The________ ________(……的数量) guests will be more than 100. 答案:  number of 6.I would like to go out________ ________ ________ ________ ________(而不是呆在家里) in such fine weather. 答案:  instead of staying at home 7.________ ________ ________(正如我们所知),the earth is nearly round. 答案:  As we know" "练规范、练技能、练速度